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House under scaffold


Owning an old house is an adventure; you never know what’s around the corner!


But one thing is certain – its critical you get the right guidance to make properly informed decisions. All too often homeowners are given inappropriate advice by builders, surveyors and architects who are more familiar with modern buildings and may not understand traditional repairs and compatible materials. Those who fall victim to poor advice often waste thousands on unnecessary work, and also run the risk of causing irreversible damage to their home.


The Old House Consultancy specialises in traditional homes, from medieval timber frames to Edwardian terraces. We are chartered building surveyors dedicated to proper inspection, careful diagnosis and considered repair. We aim to guide homeowners through the whole process, taking into account their budget and situation. We can advise at a variety of levels, from a simple chat about a leaking roof to a comprehensive report covering the whole building. We can help to repair, remodel and extend your house, always tailored to your particular requirements.


Essentially The Old House Consultancy has been developed with the needs of the homeowner in mind. We offer a friendly, flexible and practical service, tailored to suit our clients’ particular requirements.




We can also undertake:

  • Planning, conservation area and listed building consent applications
  • Building Regulation applications
  • Contract administration


House under scaffold