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Airtightness testing in progress.
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Old houses are renowned for being cold and draughty. But with careful and appropriate intervention, your home could be far more energy efficient.

Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but reducing your fuel bills in the process.


Many of the products and systems on the market are completely incompatible with the way an old house works. By insulating the internal walls for instance, you may be inhibiting its 'breathability' and, in many cases, exacerbating decay. It is therefore critical that any works should be designed with an understanding of your particular building. It is also possible to keep your historic windows and wibbly wobbly old glass, whilst dramatically reducing heat loss. But the solution needs to be tailored to your window design, your budget and your pattern of use.


Old House Eco Handbook

As co author of 'Old House Eco Handbook' Marianne has specialist knowledge of improving energy efficiency of old buildings without compromising their fabric or historic character.