Services: Defect Diagnosis

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At the Old House Consultancy, we believe in a proper diagnosis of the defect before attempting any form of repair.

All too often, builders will rely on cement and injected damp proof courses to stop damp, without fully establishing the cause of the problem. In many cases, simple steps such as tackling defective rainwater goods or lowering external ground levels can resolve a damp issue, often at a fraction of the cost. Once a defect has been rectified, then gentle repair using traditional, breathable materials is all that is usually required. Lime mortars, lime plasters and breathable paints are the basic palette of materials required.


Repairing old buildings requires a sympathetic and gentle approach, working with the existing fabric and taking a lead from the original methods and materials used. Windows and doors can usually be repaired, retaining both the historic ‘wobbly’ glass, and all the other qualities of ‘age’ that make the building so appealing.


Our approach is one of common sense, explaining every detail as the job progresses. Working in conjunction with a group of skilled and trusted craftsmen, the OHC can organise the works, leaving your house fit for another generation.