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Re-use of timber framed barn, OxfordshireRe-use of timber framed barn, Oxfordshire

Re-use of timber framed barn, Oxfordshire. Click for larger image

Every old house is unique,
and requires an individual,
sympathetic approach.

Some homeowners are keen to extend in a modern, innovative style. Others prefer a more traditional form.

We aim to understand your needs and tailor each new design to both your house, your lifestyle and your budget. We take particular care and attention at this stage of the project development to ensure that you obtain what you need.

This also enables us to limit, as far as possible, any abortive work at a later stage that may expose you to additional, avoidable expense.

Many earlier houses were built without corridors, with interconnecting bedrooms and awkward room plans, unsuitable for modern life. Yet with simple, sensitive alterations it is often possible to reinvent the internal layout without compromising historic fabric.

It is a common misconception that listed buildings cannot be changed; conservation officers are far more likely to accept sympathetic alterations if they have been carefully considered and retain the historic significance of the building. At the OHC, we have specialist experience in designing alterations to listed buildings.




Timber Frame House Restoration


Timber framed house, Oxfordshire, following extensive repair and conservation.